Dose lyfehacks doe


Are you supposed to be doing school work? Maybe you have a super-important paper due. Or even a bachelor’s thesis. Well, pay attention, cause I will make your life much easier…

Blow it off!

There are so many other important thing to do! Here’s a short list of more urgent things to take care of before getting back to work:

  • Delete embarrassing YouTube videos of yourself.
  • Get annoyed that you have several YouTube users, and that you only remeber one password.
  • Accept the fact that you cannot delete all embarrassing videos, and start dreading the moment your future students will find a video of you riding a Dumbo at Walmart.
  • Find old embarrassing blogs you’ve created.
  • Try to delete said blogs, and again realize you do not remeber the password.
  • Cry.
  • Find a blog you actually aren’t embarrassed over.
  • Write a new post. It’s been two years since last time, so this is certainly more important than a stupid bachelor’s thesis.
  • Write a poem about how you feel about an important event in your life. Sample:

Such a beautiful soul

With talent and grace

Played an important role

Solved every case

I miss you already

I might be a fanatic

We’ll have to get ready

To say goodbye to Stana Katic

  • Realize you’ve wasted an hour of your life.
  • Time for lunch.




Have you ever heard about life hacks? Well this is the same thing, only better. And life is spelled with a y. Because “I” was taken. The “I” in “life, that is. I am not taken. Nope. Completely alone.


First tip: If the address/ name you want for a website is taken, spell it in a weird way that no one understands! I know it looks dumb, but at least you didn’t have to be creative and make up something yourself.